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Vernon House of Faith is a group of misfits. We don’t say that with pride, nor with shame. It is what it is.Over a period of four months in 2006, three different men approached Erik on separate occasions with a prophetic word from the same obscure passage in the Old Testament. The passage was 1 Samuel 22 where David goes to hide out in the cave at Adullam, and those from the area who were distressed, disillusioned, and in debt rallied around him as he asked God what to do. God’s plan was to take this ragamuffin band and raise them to become mighty men.

Not knowing at the time exactly what this meant or what it would look like, but sensing that this was indeed of the Holy Spirit, Erik and Penny left the church where Erik had been pastoring at the time, and they began waiting on God. During this period of waiting, people from the city began turning up at the Reimer’s small home Bible Study. Just like the word that had been given from the three men, the kinds of people that started turning up seemed very Adullam-ish—distressed, disillusioned, and in debt.

Having already cultivated a relationship with Jacob John, Erik and Penny began inquiring as to what they should be doing, and Jacob came and commissioned them to begin establishing a Church. After a few months, the group could no longer fit in the Reimer’s home and they began renting different spaces in Vernon, hopping from place to place and letting everyone know where they would be meeting each week. It was a season where we were learning that the Church is a people, not a building. In August of 2011, we developed a relationship with Vernon Christian School and began to hold regular Sunday morning gatherings in their High School Commons Area.

During this season, Jacob came out frequently to mentor Erik and Penny and help lay apostolic foundations for the Church. It was a time of flux where many people who were disillusioned with Church were coming to check things out. Some came and left; others came and remained. What we began to discover is that when the majority of people in a group are disillusioned from past hurts in the Church, it makes for everyone holding everyone else at arms length.


Praise God for hardships! As certain families and individuals in the Body faced incredibly difficult circumstances, the walls began to come down and people in the Church began to pray for one another, moving from self-preservation mode to loving one another. This shift continues to take place amongst us, and through it, we have seen the miraculous love and power of God at work, both in relationships and in people’s hearts, minds, and bodies.

We believe that God will always draw into his family Adullam-ish misfits, but we know that the Church cannot remain there and be effective for the Kingdom. David and the men at Adullam moved to Hebron (which means “unity”), and from there, they moved on to Zion, where the Kingdom of God was established and all of God’s enemies were driven out. It is our desire to continue moving forward as a Church and not get stuck at Adullam. Jesus Christ receives everyone where they are at, but he loves us too much to leave us where we are at.

With this in mind, we make it our aim to continue to press into God, seeking his will for each season and desiring to be equipped so that we can grow in maturity and measure up to the full stature of Christ, our Head. We are a Church in process, a Body being built up and growing up, and we are grateful for all that God has done and is doing in our midst as we partner with him in his mission.

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