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Who are we connected with

“While Vernon House of Faith is not part of a denomination, we are also not isolated as an independent church. We recognize the importance of submission to authority and the value of apostolic relationships and, as such, we benefit greatly from other households of faith and fathers in the faith”.


Jacob John is the founder and pastor of Acts 29, Vancouver. He is involved in planting and establishing churches around the world. His teaching re-structures mindsets, so that the Kingdom may be manifested through our lives here on earth – for all to see. We consider Acts 29 a sister church and are indebted to Jacob for all that he has poured into Pastor Erik and Vernon House of Faith.

Jacob John and Acts29 in Vancouver, British Columbia.:  https://acts29.ca


Eddy is the founding pastor of Kingdom Ministries of Christ, Welkom South Africa. He is a father and mentor to churches and individuals. The apostolic grace gift in his life is evident in his ability to equip, reform and stir up people to walk in revelation – and migrate from one phase to another – in Christ. We are grateful for the investment Eddy has made in Jacob and in us, and praise God for the benefit we receive from continues relationship with Eddy and his wife, Yvonne, as well as their son and daughter-in-law Paul and Kiara, who now lead Kingdom Ministries of Christ in Welkom.

Kingdom Ministries of Christ in Welkom, South Africa:  http://www.kingmin.co.za/


Pastor Erik has been actively involved in the Vernon Ministerial since 2007 and has forged close relationships with several other pastors in the city through the ministerial. Our heart is to see the Church of Vernon walking in the unity that has been made possible for us through Jesus Christ and, as such, it is our desire to honor the grace in the other pastors of our city, partnering with them as the Spirit leads. For further information, click the links below:

Pastor Brent Henderson of Bella Vista Church: pastor.brent.henderson@gmail.com

 Pastor Charlie Whitley of Vernon Christian Fellowship: charlie.whitley@gmail.com


Pastor Erik has known Director Tony Schnare of Fairhaven Ministries Canada since the two of them worked at Briercrest Bible College in Saskatchewan. Erik is up at Fairhaven nearly every week to spend time praying, studying, and connecting with Tony, and values Tony’s friendship and wisdom in counseling. We recommend Fairhaven to anyone involved in ministry and whenever Jacob or Eddy come to visit us, we do our best to book retreats for them in one of the cottages.

Fairhaven Ministries Canada: http://www.fairhavencanada.com